About Me

Thank you for visiting Tim Horton Education. I am a teacher with 30 years' experience, and a former Headteacher. I now continue to teach, tutor and work as a Performance Coach, specialising in Education. I hope you enjoy reading the website- please don't hesitate to ring or email with any enquiries.

London City

“ I have loved my sessions with Tim. Tim is encouraging, realistic with his advice and an excellent listener. I arrived not really knowing what I needed coaching on, and he managed to find exactly the topics I needed to discuss which was amazing. Since the very first meeting, I have felt comfortable with Tim as if I have known him for years. Tim made me feel at ease in a way that made opening up really easy which I did not expect at all. The sessions are meaningful and insightful. I come away feeling so motivated and I have a buzz for the rest of the day. An amazing coach, thank you so much.” (JH Tutor, UK)


"Thank you for a really good session and for helping me to refocus my thoughts - I certainly came away with a different (and better) perspective which I took into today. 

Will be looking for a Headship: you've given me the confidence to go for it!  Thank you."

(CB, School Leader, Malaysia)