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Support for Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Tutors, Early Career Teachers, Students, School Leaders and aspiring Leaders

Coaching for Teachers, Tutors, School Leaders and aspiring Leaders

"Enjoyed another brilliant coaching session with Tim Horton today. Extremely motivating and re-energising, also perfectly challenging!" (VP Headteacher, UK)

Coaching can be absolutely transformative to your performance and your confidence. Whether it's on a one-to-one basis, in person or online, or as part of a friendly group of likeminded educators, the power of coaching has the ability to make you feel a whole lot better about your job, your confidence, or your life!

I am a current teacher, former headteacher and accredited performance coach, an alumnus of the APC Course of 2BLimitless, and a member of the professional accreditation body the Association for Coaching.


Eastbourne College England
Student and Teacher at the Computer

Coaching for Schools- creating a coaching culture

Forward-looking schools tend to aim for independent learning, critical thinking and engagement for their students over compliance and rote. Teaching professionals are increasingly demanding a workplace which reflects this, one in which they are coached rather than managed, and one in which they can grow and progress. Establishing a coaching culture takes time, but is transformative to the workplace. 

I am working with schools to achieve this, not only coaching the executive leadership, but also working with middle leaders to establish a progressive, coaching culture.

"Thank you for a really good session and for helping me to refocus my thoughts - I certainly came away with a different (and better) perspective which I took into today. Will be looking for a Headship: you've given me the confidence to go for it!  Thank you." (CB School Leader, Malaysia)

Training and Mentoring for Teachers

There is often a huge gap between the training offered by schools as INSET training or CPD, and what will actually be of benefit to teachers. The same can often be said too of the training student teachers receive, when compared to the often daunting experience of actually teaching in the classroom!

Our affordable courses for 2022 aim to redress this in an enjoyable, and pro-active way. During 2022 we will be running courses as follows:

Spring 2022 Welcome to Teaching! (starts May 2022)

Everything you need to know (and a ready-made support network) as you start! 

(Suitable for Student Teachers, NQTs, Early Career Teachers, Aspiring Teachers and Recently Qualified Teachers).

Total 7 sessions: Cost £10 per person per session 

Summer 2022 Welcome to Tutoring!

Everything you need to know (and a ready-made support network) as you build a successful tutoring business!

Suitable for tutors and teachers who tutor.

Total 3 sessions: Cost £12 per person per session

Autumn 2022 Welcome to Leadership!

Everything you need to know (and a ready-made support network) as you prepare and apply for Headship and School Leadership!

Suitable for aspiring Heads, Deputy or Assistant Heads or School Leaders.

Total 5 sessions: Cost £20 per person per session.

To find out more about our 2022 courses, to express interest or book your place (early bird discounts apply) please click the button below.

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