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Working with teachers and school leaders to sky rocket their performance and their careers.

Regular sessions, one-offs, team coaching.

"An amazing coach!"

(Secondary Teacher and Tutor, UK)

Working with schools to put coaching and wellbeing at the heart of their agenda.​

Full days, part days, twilight sessions.

"Absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much for a fantastic INSET session."

(Head of Year, UK school)

Working with students to help them prepare and realise their fullest potential.

Weekly sessions, in person or online.

" My daughter said it was "fun" and she "loved it"!

(Parent of 11+ student, UK)

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To get an email every Monday morning, with a little coaching nugget..

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Prep School Head, UK

“Tim has impressive skills. His manner is positive and encouraging, crafting a relaxed atmosphere whilst ensuring sessions are purposeful and productive. I appreciate the opportunity to spend time considering things more deeply than everyday life usually allows. His guidance enables me to draw conclusions with more clarity, and this has been of significant personal benefit."

Parent of 11+ student, UK

"Thank you for helping prepare my daughter for the 11+ and King's High entrance exams. She was very pleased with her 11+ mark (233). She also received academic scholarship offers from King's High and Kingsley. I'm certain your sessions helped her. Thank you for working with her so productively."

Deputy Head, UK Prep School

“Tim led our staff through a well judged introduction to the benefits of coaching. Personable and relatable, his experience as a teacher and Head enabled him to make meaningful connections with the professionals in the room. People found the concept of coaching thought-provoking, and it has definitely sparked interest.”


I am....

 a graduate of Jesus College, Cambridge

an Accredited Performance Coach from 2Be Limitless

a professional musician and teacher with more then 30 years' experience

a former Headteacher of two UK Independent Prep Schools

a consultant for the International Association of Prep Schools Consultancy

a Leadership Performance Coach for the Best Practice Network

the Founder of Tim Horton Education

a coach and tutor with more than 250 hours of coaching experience and 300 hours of tutoring

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