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Welcome to my website, and thank you for coming by to check out what I do!

I specialise in helping pupils, teachers, school leaders and schools to flourish. I offer coaching, training and tutoring, along with specialist coaching for Heads.

"Thanks for today, Tim. A said it was "fun" and she "loved it"- high praise indeed. My sessions of doing 11+ work with her have never had such good feedback!"

CC, Parent of tutee, UK

“Since the very first meeting, I have felt comfortable with Tim as if I have known him for years. Tim made me feel at ease in a way that made opening up really easy. I come away feeling so motivated and I have a buzz for the rest of the day. An amazing coach, thank you so much!"

JH, Teacher and Tutor, UK

A little about me

My background is in music and education- I have combined professional music making with teaching for much of my career. I am a graduate of Jesus College, Cambridge, and an accredited Performance coach from 2BeLimitless.

I have been a teacher for more thn 30 years, including six years as a Head. I now work part time as a Director of Music in a school, and as an accredited coach and tutor, specialising in helping pupils, teachers, school leaders and schools to flourish.


Tim Horton Education


I set up Tim Horton Education in 2021. My aims from the beginning have always been to help people in education to be the very best that they can. 

Pupils benefit from high-quality 1 to 1 or group tutoring, preparing them for exams such as the 11+, for changing schools or to help consolidate their learning.

Teachers are offered 1 to 1 or group coaching, or to sign up for a place on a virtual course. These courses help trainees, those new to the profession, those looking for promotion or those seeking leadership positions. I am joined by the inspirational Jazmin Hodges in delivering these.

School Leaders and Heads need specialist coaching and support, ideally from someone who has experienced life as a school leader. 

Schools are increasingly looking to embed a culture of coaching. I work with schools to achieve this in an affordable and tailored way.

Meet The Team

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Tim Horton

Jazmin Hodges

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Founder of Tim Horton Education

Tutor, Coach and Course Leader

Course Leader

Any budding teachers, experienced teachers, Head Teachers... head over to Tim's insta. He offers some amazing coaching lessons 1:1. I've had my initial meeting and really look forward to the next session!

LE, Student Teacher, UK

Tim was my daughter's headmaster for two years. He is an utterly genuine, compassionate and truly skilled educational leader. Not only did he know every individual child at the school, but also took the time to get to know the family and work with them as a team. He instilled confidence and ensured that my daughter thrived.

Oh, and he has a great sense of humour, is razor sharp, and a wonderful teacher too! I cannot recommend him highly enough.

GS, Parent and Teacher, UK

“Enjoyed another brilliant coaching session with Tim Horton today. Extremely motivating and re-energising, also perfectly challenging!”

VP, Headteacher, UK


Coaching can be transformational for anyone seeking clarity, purpose or support. It can be especially valuable for teachers who often feel overwhelmed or underappreciated.

I offer a free taster session so why not book? There's no obligation to continue.

I also offer group coaching for teachers- an affordable way to get support and build your own network.

"I have loved my sessions with Tim. Tim is encouraging, realistic with his advice and an excellent listener. I arrived not really knowing what I needed coaching on, and he managed to find exactly the topics I needed to discuss, which was amazing!"

JH, Teacher and Tutor, UK


Headteachers and School Leaders

Headship is a unique and often lonely experience, full of pressure that really only other Heads understand. My Leadership coaching and support service, called Head Space is a fully confidential, empathetic and blended support service mixing some elements of mentorship with coaching and strengths-based support, using my six years of headship experience.

The workplace has changed beyond recognition in my working lifetime.

Staff now expect and deserve progression and coaching, not top-down management

There is an unprecedented crisis in retention of teachers (44% of teachers are planning to leave the profession within 5 years- NEU 2022)

There is unprecedented pressure on leadership to deliver in increasingly difficult circumstances.

Establishing a culture in which coaching habits are the norm can transform a workplace to one which is progressive and positive. I work with schools:

• To help enable a positive and progressive workplace

• To help embed coaching habits into everyday interactions, as well as into more formal performance review

• To help the school recruit and retain high quality staff with ease

• In short, to change the culture of the school, permanently

What I can offer to schools

• INSET training for all or selected staff

• Individual coaching sessions for Senior Leadership and Middle Leadership, usually once per fortnight or once per month

• Head Space- access for the Head to my innovative support programme 

• Twilight development sessions for staff, covering coaching training, support for NQTs and ECTs, preparing for promotion and preparing for leadership

• Enabling the whole school to develop a culture of coaching throughout


Coming Autumn 2022..
Welcome to teaching!

A course designed for student teachers, NQTs, ECTs or others new to the profession. Sessions include:

1. Mind the gap! Bridging the gap between training and actually teaching

2. Oh crap, I need a job! Landing the job of your dreams

3. Have a great first year! Everything you need to know

4. Really, you're wearing that?! Appropriate work wear

5. Getting a side-hustle. Tutoring, the basics

6. What could possibly go wrong? Problems, pitfalls and advice.

Thank you for a really good session and for helping me to refocus my thoughts. I certainly came away with a different (and better) perspective which I took into today. Will be applying for a Headship; you have given me the confidence to go for it. Thank you!

CB, School Leader, Malaysia

Coming Spring 2023..
Welcome to Leadership!

A course designed for those seeking promotion to school leadership, or headship. Sessions include:

1. Are you ready? What you need to know and do and be sure about before you start

2. Picking your school. Things to know and things to avoid

3. Application and Interview and what to do if you suceed or don't

4. Getting started- how to have a succesful first year


In all of my dealings with Mr Horton he has been exceptionally professional. I have always felt I can speak honestly with him. I feel he has encouraged hard work in my own child, and diffused focus on simply completing piece of work. 

Mr Horton was calm, supportive and quick to appreciate the challenges. He provided complete flexibility..

AD, Parent, UK

Tutoring for children

Exam Preparation:

I prepare and tutor children for specific exams, for example the 11+ Examinations for entry into Grammar Schools, or 11+ or 13+ entry into Independent Schools

Interview Preparation:

I offer preparation and mock interview sessions to children of all ages, including for University Entrance

Academic Assessment: For a clear idea of where your child sits within their year group, I offer bespoke assessment for children up to age 11


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